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User reports

All Bauer Biotec products are developed Germany and undergo several tests. They are recommended by physicians, therapists, and health consultants worldwide and used successfully by a growing number of satisfied customers. Here some reports of users who wrote to us enthusiastically.

My Migraines have been reduced.

„My phone stays cooler, my migraines have been dramatically reduced in frequency and duration, and I feel more relaxed when speaking on my cell phone.“

”Faun, San Diego, USA

I felt instant relief.

As soon as I installed the TRANSFORMER 22 in my apartment, my heart rate normalized and the palpitations stopped. Before I had the TRANSFORMER, I could honestly feel it in my heart when the WI-FI was on and off. We are surrounded here by 9 WI-FI networks. Therefore, I decided to buy the T-22 100. I much appreciate its effect.

”Christine, Berlin, Germany

I feel more energetic and relaxed.

TRANSFORMER 28 – All symptoms such as headaches, sleep disorder, burning skin, nausea, unusual fatigue, nervousness, echo in the ears… all these symptoms disappear 1 – 4 weeks after instaling the TRANSFORMER 28. Nervousness, stomach problems, hyper sensitivity, echo in the ears are balanced and disappeared. I feel more energetic, peaceful and relaxed. I am very grateful for these wonderful products. You really helped me a lot.#

”Marjuka, Helsinki, Finland

A big difference and improvement.

The TRANSFORMER 28-4G-W is helping my family a lot, and has made a big difference to the amount of time we can spend at home, as well as there being a decrease in the amount and severity of ES symptoms. We go to both a regular GP and a traditional Chinese doctor (for acupuncture etc). Our Chinese doctor has long joked with my wife that she is “weak – no pulse!”, and mother-in-law has had a weak pulse for some time as well. A few days after we had the transformer, my wife and mother-in-law went to their Chinese doctor and she checked their pulse. We did not tell the doctor about the transformer. It was the first time in almost 2 years that the doctor told my wife that she seemed to be getting a bit stronger and she could feel the pulse – same with mother-in-law.
The improvement has gradually continued over the weeks, and the doctor says there is now a lot of improvement! Also my wife has not been able to sleep naturally in our home since 2008, but over the last month or so , she has started to have a few hours natural sleep at home. These are just a few examples. We’d like to thank you very much for this product! Thank you again for your time and your help.

”Steve and Family, Dudley, UK

I am so much fitter now.

„The Green 8 GOLD®products and Transformers have been extremely effective in helping me create an atmosphere at home where my body can start to recover from the effects of all the electro pollution. We live in an extremely challenging area - we have mobile phone masts, and also the electrosmog from the shipping in our area. From being bedridden and extremely ill, with thyroid and other hormonal problems, plus chronic insomnia, irregular heartbeats and breathing problems, plus multiple allergies - including the electro hypersensitivity - I am now so much fitter. My thyroid and other hormone problems are now completely resolved. My sleep is vastly improved and I wake up refreshed. I have lost the sense of weariness which plagued me. I no longer have bradychardia or irregular heartbeats. My allergies are now virtually gone. I can now use my computer and phone without the tingling and fatigue washing over me. And more importantly I can now go out and about without the electro stress - so I have been able to re-join the world. The Green8 products have allowed me to heal - the nutrition and other remedies now work because my body has the energy it had been drained of by all the electropollution. Green8 products are the vital foundation for health. The EMF clearing card is excellent - and I find that when you place it over different organs of the body it acts like a mini acupuncture session and seems to get energy shifting. The Green8 Medium has been great for sorting out the problem of wire sprung mattresses - if you are electro hypersensitive, you are generally advised not to use a wire sprung mattress because of the emf it holds. Using Kinesiology to test, we found that placing a Green8 Medium under the mattress stopped the emf from stressing the body; a much cheaper solution than changing your mattress. So thank you for your time, advice and the Green 8 GOLD® products which have been a vital part of my recovery. In my case a real lifesaver!“

”Mandy, Hampshire, UK

All the pain is gone.

I did not know much about EMF. But, my health condition became worse and worse; pain in the arms, knees, and head. I also had a feeling that there is some block in my stomach. Then, I found the Clearing Card on the web, and purchased it to use. First of all, the feeling of having a block in my stomach disappeared. Then, after several applications on my pain spots, all the pain was gone. Now, I always carry the card in my wallet. This Clearing card is so convenient in the life surrounded by various electric devices.

”Mick, Watford, UK