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GREEN 8 Evolution 5G

Introducing the new Green 8 evolution 5G - Pimp your 5G phone!

The Next Generation Ultimate Harmonisation for (iPhone, Android and) all 5G and 4G smart phones

A solid option for sensitive users and everyone who wants a reliable protection on the phone. The Green 8 evolution 5G uses no power and will not effect the warranty of your mobile device. You can also use the Green 8 evolution 5G for your iPad or tablet.

Easy application: the foil will be fixed on the back of your smart phone or out of sight in your smart phone case

A sense of relaxation on the phoneTrouble-free phone use without discomfort

Your phone may produce less heat, less “Hot Ear” on long callsPhone may emit cleaner, harmonic energy

If you experience fatigue it may be related to EMF, many people report relief