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Immer und überall. Elektrosmog und seine Wirkung.

Always and everywhere. EMF and its impact.

The insidiousness of EMF is that it cannot be perceived by the human sensory organs. Nevertheless, we are exposed to it at all times.
Currently, there are over 3 billion mobile phones in use worldwide for which a dense network of mobile communication transmitters required. There is practically no escape from these radiation emissions anymore. In addition, there is a daily exposure through cordless DECT phones, PCs, WIFI, TVs and electronic devices.

EMF disrupts the natural life cycles by interfering with and changing the biological processes. It manifests itself as stress for body and mind. The body then tries to counteract this imbalance, which, due to constant exposure, is impossible. Therefore, the body is in a state of perpetual adjustment, which results in a weakened immune system and symptoms such as headaches, inner tension, stress, and listlessness.

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