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Like a small transmitter station in the house.

WIFI – the wireless link providing mobile Internet access – runs via pulsed high frequency radio waves (wireless flashes) of 2.4 to 5 GHz. The number of transmitted pulses and related radiation exposure depends on the data throughput. At this time, there are hardly any studies on the biological impact of these irregularly pulsed signals.

But one thing we do know: the field strength resulting from a WIFI transmission in a room frequently exceeds that of nearby mobile communication stations!
The reach of WIFI links outdoors is up to 300 meters. Although reduced by masonry walls in buildings, it still has an indoor reach of 20—30 meters. Pulsing at 10 Hz is exactly within the range of living biological systems.
That means that apartments, houses, and offices without WIFI routers can be affected by neighbor installations.

We recommend T-22-30 and T-22-100