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Biological systems are bio sensors. A person’s contact with an informed Bauer Biotec product results in a resonance coupling between the product and the respective radiation or the oscillating systems of the organism respectively. This causes a measurable sudden change of the electro-physical parameters, which can be verified and demonstrated with biofeedback systems.

The measurement of the body’s reaction – e. g. with biofeedback systems or electro-acupuncture according to Dr. Voll – to a cell phone call without GREEN 8 evolution shows a significant stress level in the organism. With GREEN 8 evolution, however, it remains in perfect balance.

This was not only confirmed by comprehensive tests conducted by physicians and homeopaths using our products but also by a study conducted by the Institut für Potentialforschung (research institute) with a number of participants using the PROGNOS system. And even under the dark-field microscope GREEN 8 evolution exhibits significant results.

Figure: Platelets