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Principles of resonance and vibrational medicine.

BAUER-BIOTEC products are based on a new technology - TRANSFORMATION through INFORMATION. This technology is based on the principle of interference or superposition. The unwanted pathogenic electromagnetic radiation frequency is blanketed with a positive frequency and thus eliminated. This process enables the neutralization of biologically active electromagnetic fields and harmonized them for the human body, because radiation is present and will remain present. The physically measurable radiation values will not show any changes with the use of GREEN 8. This does not mean that the product is ineffective. On the contrary, with GREEN 8 the radiation can no longer negatively affect the human body.

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The operating principle is based on a mathematical information model, i. e. fine-matter information/vibration is transferred onto a carrier material. This is comparable with data storage on a micro chip. The information component as an integrated biological constant returns all disoriented life processes back to their natural harmony and order.