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Transformer 28-5G

Securely protected - today and tomorrow

The Transformer 28 - 5G is designed for the upcoming new 5G mobile radio technology and resonates with the 5G frequency spectrum.

It neutralizes and harmonizes 5G radiation and provides effective protection for biological organisms such as humans, animals and plants. The Transformer 28-5G creates a permanent protection zone within a radius of 33 m all around your living and/or working area. At the same time, geopathic interference zones such as water veins or earth radiation as well as WiFi radiation from neighbouring WiFi routers are reliably neutralised. Loads from high-voltage lines, solar systems or smart meters as intelligent electricity meters are also neutralized.

If there are more than 10 WiFi routers in the neighbourhood, the additional use of the TRANSFORMER 22-100 is recommended.

The BOVIS value - the energy quality of the rooms - rises measurably and shows that any unpleasant sensations such as inner nervousness, unusual fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbances can be reliably eliminated - at the same time personal energy increases and new strength and vitality can be felt.The positive effect for the human organism is immediately noticeable and there is also an increased plant growth.

Users report that after installation you feel more balanced, powerful and vital, sleep calmer and wake up refreshed.


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