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Transformer 28-4G-H


More energy, less stress.

The Transformer 28 – 4G is the perfect solution for everyone living in close vicinity to mobile telecommunication systems or other transmitters and who suffer from the exposure to high levels of electromagnetic radiation. The Transformer 28 neutralizes the radiation and creates a lasting protective zone around your apartment or house in a radius of 33 - 66m. At the same time, it also neutralizes geopathic stress zones such as water veins or earth radiation. The Bovis number, i. e. the energy quality in a room, increases significantly and measurably and can be seen, for example, in improved plant growth.

The positive effect for the human organism is immediately noticeable. Discomfort such as stress, inner tension, headaches, and sleep disorder passes reliably and, at the same time, there is a significant boost in the personal energy level. Our customers report that they feel more balanced, more productive and energetic, that they sleep more soundly and wake up more refreshed.

The new T-28-4G was optimized and adapted to the 4rd generation (4G) universal mobile telecommunication systems (UMTS).

The 4G technology is the prerequisite for enabling video transmissions, GPS capability and comfortable web surfing in so-called smartphones (e. g.: iphone). It is, however, accompanied by higher levels of radiation exposure. The new GREEN 8 GOLD products equalize this increased exposure reliably and thus provide more safety.

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Transformer 28-4G-H for your apartment or house in a Radius of 66 m


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