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We cannot stop the rays, but we can help you to protect yourself and your family effectively.

For more than 20 years, BAUER BIOTEC has been offering solutions to protect against the effects of electrosmog, digital radiation and geopathic interference zones (e.g. earth radiation or water veins).

The German company BAUER BIOTEC was founded in 1997 by Friedrich Bauer, to provide effective solutions for protection against electromagnetic radiation - ESMOG - and geopathic interference zones. In cooperation with health experts and researchers, the GREEN 8 technology was developed as the basis for the BAUER BIOTEC PRODUCTS. The twenty-year lasting satisfaction of our customers in more than 14 countries of the world documents the effectiveness of our products - therapists, doctors and health consultants all over the world recommend the products, apply them to effective radiation protection against the health effects of electromagnetic and geopathic radiation. Today, they are used by people in 14 countries - on the phone, at home, in offices, when travelling and in the car.

All products are continuously tested and updated to the latest technology. adapted or newly developed - now all products are prepared for the 5G technology.