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Das Unbegreifliche sichtbar gemacht.

Visualizing the incomprehensible.

The science of biophysics teaches us that everything existent is distinguished by specific frequencies or vibrations. The information carried by the vibration can be healthy and beneficial or interfering and harmful. It is possible to supply beneficial frequencies and superposition them on negative vibrations which are thereby transformed, a method that was first impressively demonstrated by the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto. In more than 10,000 photographs of frozen water he showed how the vibrations of words, thoughts and music affect the crystal structure.

In this context, he also studied the impact of electromagnetic radiation on water. Small water bottles placed in front of a TV, a microwave oven, and a cell phone revealed completely destroyed structures without a noticeable trace of harmony. However, if pieces of paper with the words “Love” or “Thankfulness” written on them were applied to the bottles fine, harmonic crystals were able to form despite the harmful radiation effect.